As she looked out a the ocean, listening to the waves come in, watching the people walk by, she knew that there was more she wanted, than what had been. “Perhaps this is what we all want” she thought, “that pervasive, intangible something-more that is actually always just beyond the known, and unreachable but also has the power to keep us thirsting for more. “Does thirsting mean discontent?  Not necessarily.

Was this real or imagined?  Was it attainable or simply an illusion we all ended up fooling ourselves into in order to feel better? When we dare to enter the discomfort of the unknown. She knew that the answer was not to run away or deny its existence. The answer was to feel into it and trust it as an integral part of being alive.

So in the midst of recognizing there was much she simply did not know, she knew with certainty in her silent moments, that there were words in her, desiring to be shared.  She often felt surprised by how many words keep manifesting once she sat down to write. [most of it junk she was sure].

She had a theory that everything that was ever meant to be said, had been shared already by someone else ‘out there’ – and she dreaded redundancy.

She  was aware that her armature intentions would likely be dismissed in certain circles. But somehow none of it mattered.

On this day, the voice was so loud she stood up and stretched as the ocean met her.  Her desire was to finally begin writing the stories that were in her.  For no other reason, than to touch the pulse of life within her and to honor the creative impulse that allowed her to plug into the world with all that really mattered – her integrity.

And so she began, and knew that the next best steps would unravel as perfectly as every step before it.  It was simply how life worked – and she trusted it.  As she walked along the beach, she began  painting her intentions:

“I’d like to introduce you to characters I have met, loved, imagined or dabbled with over my life. I hope to leave you feeling a spark of delight, goodness, curiosity, hope, resonance and most of all love.
I dare to dream that through my words, I may leave you with even a dash of inspiration & connection — to this amazing thing we call being human. Join me on my journey… all are welcome”

a Valentine story…

“Close your eyes” she said, “Now, imagine the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever.

You know….

–  the way the day greets you outside, with so much potential

         The way warmth washes over you

A sense of belonging, a worthiness in being loved

& The Passion through your veins because of it


The gratitude for the joy of your life – witnessed through this other person’s eyes

And an entire day to remind you of it!


The scent of roses, deep pinks, burnt orange  and velvety red – intoxicate you

The perfect potions, in the perfect glasses and the marriage of your favorite foods on your taste buds


And maybe even, you imagine this deep mind-blowing intimacy

– the way souls meld to the point of eternity & creation touching for the first time


And you end your day with a prayer of gratitude

As you close your eyes, rested and full of life

Hopeful and trusting –In yet another day

And for a moment all of life makes sense.”…


She paused… “Now slowly open your eyes

And take in where you are & observe your first thoughts


Perhaps your heart feels a jolt of incomplete? Whether you are single or in a relationship?

But quickly – if you just look closer – you would realize that every emotion

You just felt in your body – was as real as if it happened


And in truth – no other person can give that to you in exactly the way you just imagined

Off course it is possible to gain a kind of passionate joy beyond all imagination with another

But my point is – in whatever you are wishing for now —- that you can viably express or hope for

There is only one person who can absolutely give it all to you, and my dear – that person is you.


And no matter who shows up on your journey

And who you choose to partner with for a day or eternity

Never forget this potential

This worthiness

This most romantic day you have every power of giving to yourself


So release that furrow from your brow my friend

You are so loved

Don’t you see?  In fact, you are love itself?

And the more you share the love that is already you, the more it will be available in your life.”

Peaches on a Summer Day

She smiled at the memory
Of the peach stand in Georgia

And the thirst she felt
Two hours later
On the road
Somewhere south of it

And of
The way
Her lips kissed the burnt orange color
Marveling at the
dreams she drove toward
Images came so easily back then
And the juice
Leaking down
The side of her mouth
As she laughed out
with deLiGhT
Could life get any better than this moment?

she knew there will no longer
Be biting into peaches now
They must now be cut up into
little bits
since her mouth did not allow it

And she had such gratitude
That on that day, she opted to stop by the peach stand